Manage on-campus
food delivery with
self-driving rovers

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With robot delivery, you get:

Fresh food delivered to your students fast

Cost-effective solutions based on your campus’ needs

Contact-free delivery to help keep students safe

More flexibility and delivery coverage

Here’s how the fully integrated experience works:

A student orders on the Grubhub app.

The order enters the queue on your existing kitchen display system.*

You prepare the order and load the rover using a handheld Grubhub device.

When the rover arrives at the drop-off spot, the student uses the Grubhub app to open the rover and get their order!

About Yandex Self-Driving Group

Yandex has been developing its proprietary self-driving technology since 2017. As of today, Yandex’s autonomous vehicle fleet has 170 cars, which are being tested in several countries across the globe, including the Unites States. Since late 2019, the company has also been developing its own delivery robots. Based on the same self-driving technology as its autonomous vehicles, these rovers are built to autonomously navigate pavements and deliver small and medium-sized packages. Yandex robots are already delivering orders from shops and restaurants to customers across different markets.

*Supported KDS systems including Grubhub Ultimate