Campus Dining FAQ

What is campus dining in the Grubhub app?

Campus dining on Grubhub is a mobile food ordering platform for on-campus restaurants. Grubhub partners with your campus to bring you the ultimate dining experience where you order ahead and pay with your campus card, debit or credit cards. Instead of waiting in long lines at the dining hall or on-campus restaurants, you can order from your phone, skip the line, and pick up your food when notified.

Why is Tapingo becoming Grubhub?

How do I opt into campus dining in the Grubhub app?

When will I no longer be able to use Tapingo?

Is it available on my campus?

Will all of the restaurants from Tapingo be available on Grubhub?

Will I be able to use my campus card on Grubhub?

What if I have Tapingo Credit on my account?

Will my order history be preserved on Grubhub?

I am a merchant that worked with Tapingo and I have questions about the migration to Grubhub.

Is Android supported?

Where do I pick up my food?